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(Please call or email us if you can't find your desired date and time in the booking system.)


By clicking the 'Submit reservation' button you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:

  • Please note that we allocate approximately one and a half hours (90mins) for table of 1 - 2 guests per seating, two hours (120mins) for group of 3+ guests per seating. While we want you to have a fabulous time with us, please ensure that all diners are punctual, as you may be required to vacate your table at the end of your allocated booking time if the table will be required for the second seating. If you would like a longer dining period please contact us directly via phone or email.
  • The maximum booking size we accept via our booking system is 8 people, any number greater than 8 would require to book either by calling us on (08) 6110 1631 or by emailing
  • In order to execute a seamless dining experience, all bookings of 9+ guests are suggested to choose our ‘Feed me’ menu at $55 per head (Please inform our friendly staff if you have any special dietary requirements).
  • Please contact us immediately if you are late, should we be unable to reach you, Neho reserves the right to cancel your reservations at its discretion.